Athens Christmas 2013.


Many photos from the decorated Athens during the Christmas holidays in 2013

For the Athens Christmas walk I suggest you to start from Syntagma square. Syntagma square is the center of the Christmas festivities in Athens. Afterwards follow the Stadiou street and turn right at the luxurious Voukourestiou street. Don’t miss at the left the wonderful Spiromiliou Arcade. Turn back to Stadiou street and walk until the Christmas village at Klafthmonos square. Also visit the nearby the Korai Arcade for a cup of coffee and return to Stadiou Street. Walk until you reach the Omonoia Square. The Christmas decorations in Omonoia square is minimalistic. Find the Aiolou street and walk a few hundred meters until Kotzia square.  See the Christmas tree and the
manger in front of the Christmas decorated city hall. Turn back to Omonoia square and find the Panepistimiou street or Eleftheriou Venizelou as is officially named. Walk at its very comfortable and wide pavements. In the middle of it, see the classy buildings of library, university and academy. A little later will reach the greek Parliament and the complex of elegant hotels at the right of Panepistimiou street. You are now again in Syntagma square. Stroll at the Ermou high street until Thiseio district and do some window shopping. Alternatively you can eat or drink in one of the Nikis street restaurants and coffee-shops which are very trendy lately to the local Athenians.

Athens during night is more beautiful. The darkness covers many negative aspects of it. With the proper lighting Athens is transformed into a beautiful european city. The Christmas periods is more distinctive during nights. In general the mornings of weekdays Athens gives an image of a business center. People are rushing to catch up with their tasks. That subconsciously is makes everyone nervously especially in public transportations.
After the afternoon the commuters return to their homes and Athens returns becomes quite and relaxing. During 80’s and 90’s everyone was avoiding the town center. The center was
being visited unwillingly for its public services. After the Olympics Athens was indeed upgraded. There is a phenomenon of young people to move to the center of Athens. One of them is me!
From 24th December to 2nd January at least half of the population of Athens abandons the city. For the remaining local citizens and tourists that is a chance to enjoy the city with less noise, less traffic, less pollution and less anxiety. The public transportation is more efficient, the shops and restaurants less overcrowded. Athens becomes for
a short period civilized.

Weather in Athens during Christmas is mild. Very rarely it is snowing. So forget white Christmas. Even during the Christmas period Athenias prefer having their coffee at the outdoors tables.


Athens Voukourestiou Street Christmas 2013. Big Band Jazz concert.