Athens Ermou Street Christmas 2013.


Ermou street is the most commercialized street in Athens. It is full of shops for middle budget buyer. Most of the shops have clothes, shoes. You won’t find restaurant there. In the side street there are plenty of coffee shops. Buyer after their Christmas Spent-Athlon rest a little and regain power for more shopping.

Ermou street is a must for tourists. It is a very safe place to stroll. In Syntagma square until Thiseio district there is police presents. After Thiseio District to Piraeus street isn’t there isn’t any shops and it isn’t a very safe for tourists the night hours.

Despite the greek economic crisis Ermou street is full of buyers. Maybe they are window shoppers. Who knows? Avoid the Saturdays from 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM. The street is very overcrowded and it could be a tiring experience. Prefer normal weekdays to enjoy your walk and the numerous street artists. If you are a tourist be aware of touts. Avoid any person willing to offer help without having being asked previously from you. Most of them take commission from shops and restaurants they collaborate with. The kickback is illegal in Greece but there is tolerance.

Photos of the Christmas decorated Ermou street from Syntagma square until Thiseio district.

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Photo of a vertical alley of Ermou street. It is very well decorated.

Photo of start of the Ermou street near Syntagma square during the Christmas period.

Photo of the no pedestrianized part of Ermou street after Monastiraki Square.