Athens Klafthnonos Square Korai Arcade Christmas 2013.


Klafthmonos is a square in the middle of Stadiou street. This year a Christmas village was built with many cute little shops was built. In front of it there is a Carousel and at the right a Christmas tree and a Christmas manger. The whole square is very well decorated and lighted.

In front of the Klafthmonos square is the pedestrianized Korai street. Korai Arcade or Korai Galleria as is officially named in Greece has some Coffee shops and some other shops. Due to greek economic crisis some of them are closed but it is still a nice and safe spot for tourists. Inside the Korai arcade the first Starbucks in Greece opened in 2002 with tremendous success. Lately it was burned by arsonist but today is fully restored nicely decorated.



Photos from the Christmas Village in Klafthmonos street and the Korai Arcade at Korai street.

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The Starbucks of Korai Arcade.

Beautiful Christmas mange in the middle of Klafthmonos square.

The elegant Korai arcade. It is a very nice place especially the summertime.