Athens Nikis Street Christmas 2013.


Nikis street is a small street of Athens. Its longest part is Paraller with Fiellinon street. Also it is very close to the Syntagma square. Even it is in the touristic center of Athens it is a little concealed from foreign tourist. It is a peaceful street with restaurant and coffee shops. Locals preferred for their midday launch or coffee during their work. It is a good place for tourist who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main touristic roads.

On 20th December 2013, a few days before the 2013 Christmas the shop owners of Nikis street created a small celebration. They offered drinks, food and biological products. Alongside the street there were many loudspeakers and a DJ who played Christmas music.

In general the shops in Nikis street are cheaper with better service from the nearby Kidathineon street, Adrianou street and Ermou street. It is a smart choise for visitors of Athens.

Photos from Christmas party preparations in Nikis street near Syntagma square.

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Stands with cooked foods from the biological grocery store.

Restaurant in Nikis street which participates in the party.

The DJ who prepared music for the Christmas party.