Athens Omonoia Square Christmas 2013.


Omonoia square this year as usual is by far less decorated than Syntagma square. Despite the lately police attempts  to decriminalized the square, it is not favorable by locals.

The decorations is minimalistic with lighted star and the lighted greek word ΑΘΗΝΑ (Athens in english). Omonoia square used to be the center of Athens but ended to be center of foreign immigrants. Maybe the greek word ΑΘΗΝΑ is a hidden message for them.

On the others sides of the square there are two tasteless typical light Christmas signs. Omonoia square could be decorated better and attract more tourist and locals.

Many photos of the Christmas decorations in Omonoia square during dusk.

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The other Christmas light sighn. It could be better.

The lighted greek word ΑΘΗΝΑ from a different angle of view.

A banal Christmas light sign.