Athens Panepistimiou Street Christmas 2013.

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Panepistimiou street is one of the most central and busy streets in Athens. It doesn’t have so many shops like Ermou street but it has some of the most  historical buildings of modern Athens. Vasilissis Sofias avenue and Panepistimiou street offers the widest pavements in Athens. Despite of most Athenian streets both of them are friendly for pedestrians and ideal for strolling. Especially during afternoon hours when the traffic is less annoying.


Photos of Panepistimiou street in Athens (officially Eleftheriou Venizelou street) during the Christmas period of 2013.

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The National Library of Greece. Far right is the University of Athens.

The start of Panepistimiou street. Far left the lighted building is the Attica department store.

The historic and very elegant Zonars coffee shop. Don’t miss it!