Athens Spiromiliou Arcade Christmas 2013.


Spiromiliou arcade is the most exclusive area of central Athens. It is the most posh part of the city. Don’t expect low prices in coffee shops and restaurants. Every year the arcade is fantastically decorated. Musicians play classical music and clowns make the children happy. The arcade is semi private place with many surveillance cameras and security guards. The well-off families won’t worry with safety and the bill. Its a good place for tourist who prefer luxury. On the other hand the place isn’t something unique like others more interesting and humble corners of Athens.  See also the Spiromiliou arcade during day.


Photos from Spiromiliou Arcade in the City Link complex during the Christmas period of 2013.

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Musicians are playing classical music inside Spiromiliou arcade.

Christmas decoration inside Spiromiliou arcade during dusk.

High girls are giving balloons to the children.

Music concert inside Spiromiliou square the last Sunday before Christmas in 2013.