Athens by Night.

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Night photos of Athens Walk

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The historical center of Athens during summertime is more lively during nights than days. Summer days are very hot. For north europeans the heat is unbearable. Also locals avoid meeting theirs pals outside during noon. Like spaniards , greeks have their siesta and walk out the evenings. All the restaurants, coffee shops and bars have tables outside or they are closed for summer. The rainfall during summer is very rare. When it happens, it lasts for a few hours and a little afterwards everything is dried by the intense heat. Indoors theaters and movie theaters are closed. Even the multinational  multiplex cinemas changed their minds and have build summer open air movie theaters.

Summer nights are romantic, cool and peaceful. The traffic is much lower and less noisy. People can reach the historical center faster. The only problem is the parking. Greeks don’t like public transportation . Only one in three use regularly means of  public transport. Especially when its time to meet their friends and relatives prefer their cars or in the case they want to drink taxi cabs. During nights the police is much more  tolerant with illegal parking. So the pedestrianized streets are full of parked cars. Many private legal parking areas offer parking they charge a lot  and are avoided.

After the closure of shops, the commercial part of Athens is desolated. Sometimes is a little dangerous for foreign tourists at night times. On the other hand the touristic part of Athens is full of people who after their work spent their time with friends and family in restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

The main routes of the Athens Walk are crowded by tourists and locals during nights, especially summer ones. During weekdays of winter the historical center is lively but not as much as during summers. Only on friday’s night , saturday and sunday there are crowds. During public holidays of winter the historical center of Athens is more crowed by locals than summer.  During summer nights the locals tend to go to the coastal part of Attica. Many music halls at the beachside of Attica offer a unique way of entertainment.  The wintertime on friday and saturdays nights , locals prefer downtown.