Blog mainly about cultural activities in Athens and other general topics.

Botakias male cat 2005-2011.

The blog is dedicated to the Botakias’s memory.The most handsome and cheerful cat of Plaka district. The desire of all Plaka’s female cats.

We miss him a lot.

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Archaeological Posts

Acropolis Museum ground floor and outside

Acropolis Museum 1st floor

Acropolis Museum 1st floor caryatids

Acropolis Museum 2nd floor multimedia center

Acropolis Museum Coffee Shop 3rd floor

Acropolis Museum Parthenon marbles 4th floor

40 MPixels Acropolis Museum Panoramic Photos

National Archaeological Museum of Athens Vases Collection Red Figured Period

National Archaeological Museum of Athens Vases Orientalizing - Black Figured periods

National Archaeological Museum of Athens Vases Collection Geometric Period

Athens Roman Agora panoramic photos

Athens Ancient Agora panoramic photos

Walk through the ottoman monuments of Athens




Food Posts.

Athens Cinco restaurant Kolonaki skoufa street

Athens Pasaji restaurant bar

Athens SQ cafe bar & food

Athens TGI Fridays restaurant Kolonaki

Athens Magaze Cafe Aiolou street

Athens Collage Bar Restaurant

Athens Mohnblumchen bistro Kolonaki

Athens Madeya coffee shop Kolonaki

Athens The Grocery coffee shop restaurant Skoufa street Kolonaki

Athens Pane Salame restaurant bar Kolonaki

Athens Al Sette coffee shop Valaoritou street

Athens Rock n Roll Bar Restaurant Kolonaki

Athens Loukumami Loukoumades

Athens Impasto Pizza by the slice on Kanari street Kolonaki

Athens Mikel coffee shop Kolonaki Kanari street

Athens Starbucks Patriarchou Ioakeim street Kolonaki

Athens Kuzina restaurant


Athens Metro Mall panoramic Christmas Photos

Athens Metro Mall open roof




The meaning of street names in Athens.

Athens Othonos street - Οδός Όθωνος - Otto King of Greece

General topics of Athens.

Athens Car Bomb Bank of Greece 2014 part 1

Athens Car Bomb Bank of Greece 2014 part 2

Athens Kolonaki old apartment building entrance

Athens florist shops below greek parliament






Kyriakos Mitsotakis


Municipal Police Areopagitou

Municipal Police Demonstration

ERT closure - suspension . Agia Paraskevi Hedquarters protesters. ERT Mourouzi street protesters.

General cultural events.

2014 Athens Good Friday Epitaphios part 1

2014 Athens Good Friday Epitaphios part 2

Rethink Athens - Stoa Arsakeiou Arcade

18th Book Bazar Kotzia Square




Maraveyas Benaki Museum Pireos street Saturday 27th July 2003

Big Band of Athens Municipality

Piatas Cyclops Video

Lavrentis Macheritsas «Κυρίες, κύριοι... και Λαυρέντης Μαχαιρίτσας» στον κήπο του Μεγάρου .

2013 July Technopolis Gazi Locomondo

Kostis Maraveyas Ilegal Pik Nik at garden of Megaro Mousikis.

2013 Gazi Technopolis Kitrina Podilata

Video of Malamas concert in Technopolis the Summer of 2011

Video of Tzouna actor and music produce at the broadcast Life in Skai greek tv channel

Radio Blackman

General topics about everything.

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