The government of Greece on 11th June announced the closure of the national television and radio broadcaster “ ERT “. The decision was hasty without any warning. Some rumors a few week before wasn’t taken seriously. Soon after the ultimatum the frequencies of analog and digital terrestrial radio and television broadcasting were cut off. The satellite and short wave  transmission survived a few hours, but inevitably ended the next day. 
The technicians of ERT contrary to the official directives rejuvenated a dormant analog television transponder in Parnitha mountain. 
Due to the total shut off of analog broadcasting a year before, very few tv sets was able to receive the tv signal. However nearly immediately some websites began hosting the ERT broadcast. The next days the European Broadcasting Union create a reliable broadcast of ERT via internet. 
The reaction of public and especially the cycles of artists was massive. Everybody except the members of government were against the sudden closure of ERT. Many prominent persons from the arts and politics began to support Ert’s employees by giving interviews to the central ERT’s building “ Radio Megaro ERT “ which was constructed during the greek dictatorship. 
The firsts days many concert were happening mostly by the symphony orchestra of ERT which was include to the ERT’s closure. Afterwards many rock bands and other popular artist show their support at courtyard of ERT’s central building.