Athens Rock & Balls restaurant bar.


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Right is the restaurant part of the shop.
The menu.
Salt focaccia bread. I love salty food and especialy this bread. But some may find this focaccia too salty. For me it was fine.
The baked vegetable were delicious and very good grilled.
The exterior of Rock & Balls.

Athens Rock & Balls New menu with increased prices after first successful month part 1 of 2.
Athens Rock & Balls New menu with increased prices after first successful month part 2 of 2.
Athens Rock and Balls. Ashtray. No respect for the antismoking law and non smokers.


Athens Rock & Balls is a coffee bar and restaurant on Irinis square in Athens. The last years after the opening of Magaze coffee bar and restaurant the area of Irinis square was upgraded.

Despite the severe greek economic crisis many restaurants, coffee shops and bar have opened close to this square. One of them is Rock & Balls which opened just before the 2013 Christmas period. What is common with all these shops is the low prices and their low profile. Which is  completely different with those in the Kolonaki district. Every month new bars, coffee shops and restaurants are opening and their success is more than sure.

Rock & Balls has a very tasty minimalistic and clean decor. What is peculiar about it, is that except the typical coffee and alcohol beverages, it also offers a variety of traditional greek meatballs dishes. This is quite unusual for a coffee bar. Last year a few meters ahead a Pizza Bar was opened which offers a variety pizzas alongside with alcohol drinks and cups of coffee. The experiment in both of shops has proven to be successful. The customers of Rock & Balls are of all ages and social layers. It a really unpretentious place to have a meal, a drink or a coffee.

The service of Rock & Balls is excellent the waiters are very polite and helpful with everyone no matter how good is dressed or how rich or poor someone it seems. The menu isn’t bloated and confused. The three categories of food are clearly explained with fairly prices. The meatballs are ready made from the oven. The sauces,  salads, soups and deserts are prepared before, so the waiting time is nearly zero. By the way during my third visit in Rock & Balls, I realized a small increase in the prizes. There are still low and I hope the sudden success of the place won’t lead to further rise of prices.

The music is not only rock. After the afternoon a DJ helps lifting the mood of the costumers. The lights are proper during daytime. However during night they could be a little brighter. The volume of music is good and permits the easy discussion between many people.

The only negative is the presence of  ashtrays in every table which illegally permit the smoking. See the last photo to the right. Even if I am a non smoker I understand that a coffee cup, needs a cigarette. What is really bad is that the air ventilation was inadequate and the atmosphere wasn’t pleasant for a non smoker. I have to admit that the bend of the law is occurred in nearly all the bars the restaurants of the Agias Irinis square in Athens. In Kolonaki district for example, there aren’t ashtrays in similar shops. Maybe it is close to the parliament and subsequently to the law. As long as the ventilation is excellent and is surveyed by the authorities regularly there isn’t any reason for rules against smoking.

Left is the Bar part of the shop.
The menu.
Potato salad.
Pork meat balls made in oven with mushroom sauce. Try also the beef porks or the chicken porks. Don’t forget to ask for an extra sauce. Especially the chicken meatball is splendid but to dry without sauce. There isn’t any saltshaker. The salt is gross and is served on wooden thick board. Honestly I didn’t like it a lot.
All the plates.
Athens Rock & Balls Coctail menu.
Athens Rock & Balls Coffee menu.
Athens Rock & Balls Drinks New menu with increased prices after first successful month.