Ellie Lambeti’s House Athens Didotou street and Delphon street.


Ellie Lambeti was one of the most important actress of Greece. Her real name was Ellie Loukou. As it is very common with artist of cinema and music in Greece she changed. The Lambeti surname in greek has the meaning of the shine.

She was born in the village Villa in 1922 with his twin brother Takis. In 1928 he moved with her family to Athens. During the war of 1940 she moves  to the big neoclassical house on Delphon and Didotou street where she will stay until the end of her life. Her first years in theater were during the german occupation of Greece. It was a dificult time for the theater and all the artistic professions. During the Dekemvriana in 1944 which were a series of clashes after the liberations of greece of germans a bullet killed her mother inside her house. That  was detrimental to her future psychology.

Ellie Lambeti had a slight lisping. That was negative to her early steps in theater but she soon succeed to make it positive in parallel with her sweet appearance.

Her family had a sever health history with cancer and all her life she was very cautious about this illness. She didn’t play in many movies but those he participated are considered classical. She adored theater and hated television. She had affairs with many important people of the theater like Marios Ploritis, Takis Horn and lately Kosta Karras.

He couldn’t have children but he somehow he adopted one. However after some years she wasn’t allowed to keep it and that cost her a lot.

In 1970 he suffered from cancer and after 1980 she lost her voice due to the cancer. That didn’t discouraged and continued to play mute at theater. She died at the age of 57 in 1983.

The house on Didotou and Delphon street don’t belong to the Labeti’s family today.


The pedestrianized Delphon street is full of sour orange trees in front of Labeti’s house.


The Labeti’s house from Didotou street.


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