Athens International Condom Day.


Photos of the International Condom Day event in Athens. Hundreds of condoms were given for free to the passing over people alongside with informational leaflets.

In many cities of the world every 13th February the campaign of LOVE Condoms takes place.

It aims to encourage the use of condoms and the spreading of informations about HIV. This year in Athens at Korai street a big balloon in the shape of Condom was position and an info kiosk with very willing to help campaigners.

The info kiosk of the Love Condom event.


Use the mouse or your finger in order to watch a 360 degrees panoramic view of the international condom day event in Athens Korai street.  View Panorama in larger size.


Greek leaflet about the Love Condom campaign.

The huge inflatable condom on Korai street.