Athens meatmeatmeat THE GRIL, souvlaki restaurant Tsakalof street Kolonaki.


Photos from the the grill, souvlaki restaurant meatmeatmeat at Kolonaki district. Meatmeatmeat restaurant is one of the few souvlaki shops of Kolonaki district that have appeared lately.

The restaurant has a minimalistic design and is very clean. Even if it is not self service the waiter are very fast and very polite. The price are not the lowest of the Athens. Nevertheless they are very affordable and the quality of the dishes is top. A lunch there will cost by far less than the restaurants in touristic areas of Athens. It is situated on the pedestrianized Tsakalof street. During the warm months is nice to eat on the tables of the street where the smoking is also permitted. Unfortunately its menu is not in english. Despite that is more than sure than one of the employees knows english and will be offered to help.

Some of the special delicacies it offers are the vegetarian souvlaki with mushrooms, the eggplant salad roasted in charcoals, the souvlaki with turkey meatball, the beef sausages and the mix-grill plates for two or four persons. Of course the typical pork and beef souvlaki or the chicken souvlaki for health or religion conscious people aren’t missing.

Kolonaki is the most exclusive cosmopolitan area of Athens. It is near the greek parliament (ex royal palace of Greece) and always gathers the most upper class of Athens. It had become a fashion spot for Athenians with many fashion designers. Inevitably the many luxurious shops that it could support made the rents too high for ordinary shops. That was the situation until the greek economic crisis. Many shops couldn’t afford they high rents and closed or moved to cheaper areas. As a consequence humble shops like mini markets, bakeries, souvlaki and sandwich shops started to appear. The area indeed lacked these kind of shops and the first ones were an immediate success. On the other side old local residents and shop owner believe that this phenomenon downgrades the highly esteemed area they live and work. I think that nowadays Kolonaki district is more approachable to tourist than before. Tourist can spent their time better than just visiting fashions shops that are identical with those at their own country. Kolonaki area has many embassies and inside many V.I.P. persons stay. It is by far the most safe and most closely guarded by the police area. 

Chicken souvlaki with salted bread.
Eggplant salad roasted in charcoal.
Roasted feta cheese in charcoals.
Vegetarian souvlaki with mushrooms.

View outside the souvlaki restaurant.


The kitchen of the meatmeatmeat grill restaurant.
Tables at the pedestrianized Tsakalof street .


The menu of meatmeatmeat restaurant. Sorry is only in the greek language.


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Use the mouse or your finger in order to watch a 360 degrees panoramic view inside of the meatmeatmeat souvlaki restaurant.  View Panorama in larger size.