Athens Syntagma square, 2014 Municipality pre-election renovation.


Photos of the syntagma fountain with the greek parliament as background just after the dawn.
All the colors of the syntagma fountain. As you can see the works haven’t ended.


Photos of the renovation works on Syntagma square in Athens and from the recently created multicolored fountain of the square.

The municipal and european elections are scheduled for the May 2014. As usual the mayors of every city in Greece are leaving the necessary works just a few months before the elections in order to persuade their voters. This period works are taking place in the very central Syntagma square, in the undervalued Kispseli district and other areas at the same time. The works are on a hurry and even on Saturdays when the overtime and the daily cost is doubled.

Anyway every work in this problematic city is welcomed no matter its intentions.

The fountain of  Syntagma square was constructed a few days before the beginning of the 2004 Christmas period.

See some photos of the Syntagma square during the Christmas period.

It was lighted with only red color. I don’t know if red is the color of Christmas but for many it was a bad choice. However this has changed and the fountain has every color you like as long you wait a few seconds. The fountain isn’t lighted neither operates all night. I have noticed that after 1:00 AM is switched off. That is not nice. Athens is a city that never sleeps. Ok there is economic crisis and the energy saving is a good thing but this fountain is the jewel of this city. It should operate all night especially the summer months when people go to bed very late.

Syntagma square has been reconstructed and changed many many times. See some old photos of Syntagma square, I have inserted into Syntagma square used to be a magnificent place for Athenians and visitors of the capital city of Greece.

Syntagma square is the center of all the big demonstrations and most riots of Athens. Inevitably the fate of Syntagma square isn’t good. After some time it will start to suffer the consequences of the clashes between protesters and the police. Lets hope that the typical deterioration of Athenian public places won’t come soon.

I hope that color isn’t representative of a greek political parity!

The marble slabs are cleaned polished, repaired or replaced before the new municipal elections and the customary riots during big demonstration at the center of Athens.


Some more photos of the Syntagma square renovation works.


Video of the colorful syntagma fountain. During the Christmas period the fountain had only red color. It wasn’t nice it was like blood. Now the fountain have been upgraded.

Intensive repairs of the Syntagma square even on Saturdays when the day’s wages are double.

Use the mouse or your finger in order to watch a 360 degrees panoramic view of the Syntagma square renovation before the municipal elections.  View Panorama in larger size.