Athens Books Arcade (Stoa Vivliou) - Theatro Technis.


Photos from the books shops arcade (Stoa Vivliou in greek) in the Arsakeio buildings complex.

The arcade is full and only with book shops. It is quite new. It was created in 1997 and replaced the Stoa Orpheos (Orpheus Arcade in english). Inside it there was a movie cinema with the name Orpheas (Orpheus in english).

In its main corridor there are couches and a nearby coffee-shop can serve a cup of coffee in a very civilized and peaceful environment. You may be lucky and sit beside an important greek author. How knows? The greek economic crisis has left some of the shops empty. The corridor inside Stoa Vivliou Arcade is wide and long and is suitable for new books presentations and general literary or historical open discussions.

It is true that books reading is not a very favorable habit of greeks. The books somehow from the school years is a way for pressure upon children. The lack of proper school libraries and the indifference of teachers and school professors led to aversion of recreational books reading. Many greeks avoid them even if they have achieved a university or a higher level of education. Lately some celebrity greek authors have rejuvenate the willing for reading. Books about cooking, travel, coffee table books and historical are selling more than literary ones. The greek publishing market is small and the internet piracy hasn’t affected that economic branch a lot.

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In the basement below the arcade is one of the most historical theater and theatrical school of Athens. Theatro Technis (Theater of art in english) was founded by Karolos Kuhn. Karulos Kuhn (born Karolos Cohen) 1908-1987 who was a very important and innovative theatrical director and teacher. He was of half german jewish - half greek origin and grew up in Istanbul. In 1942 he founded the Theatro Technis during the german occupation of Greece. Don’t ask me how, I wonder too. The theatrical school of the Theatro Technis educated some of the most prominent actors and actresses like Giannis Fertis, Vasilis Diamantopoulos, Thimios Karakatzanis, Reni Pitaki. It was the second choice of many future actors after the school of National Theater (ex Royal Theater). It didn’t started from the Arsakeio building complex but at the near Zoodochos Pigis street. Much later in 1954 it thrived in the basement of the Stoa Orfeos (now Stoa Vivliou). The school and the theater still operates many years after his death. It worth it to view a theatrical play. Especially a classical one of ancient greek drama or Shakespeare  even if you don’t know the greek language. Don’t worry about mobile phone distraction. It’s to deep for a signal to pass.

The entrance of Stoa Vivliou on Pessmantzoglou street.

The bust of Karolos Kuhn.
The wide corridor inside the Books Arcade of Athens.


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View the map in larger size. Position of the Athens books arcade (Stoa Vivliou).

The entrance of the Theatro Technis theater to the basement.
Sofa for people relaxing, having a coffe cup or reading a book they have just bought.
A statue of Athena goddess surrounded by benches and book stores.