Athens Metro Mall Carnival.


Photos from the Athens Metro Mall in Agios Dimitrios suburb during the carnival period of 2014.

The Athens Metro Mall is the closest mall of the center of Athens. Just seven minutes for the Syntagma metro station to Agios Dimitrios metro station with the red metro line. It is called Athens Metro Mall because is exactly above the Agios Dimitrios metro station of the Agios Dimitrios suburb of Athens. The big Athens Mall and Golden Hall of northern suburbs are not very close for tourists. The Athens Metro Mall is a mid size mall and I personally think more friendly. The other big ones are a so big that is tiring to explore them. It is situated in neither a prosperous nor a undeveloped suburb. Agios Dimitrios is a middle class suburb and is crossed by the important and lengthy Voliagmienis avenue which connects Athens with the rich northern suburbs. The Athens Metro Mall has some unique features. Its roof is opened during the summer months and offers fresh air and a nice view of the Hymettus mountain at the left and the Saronic gulf at the right. It is more healthy than the artificial light and air-conditioned air of the big malls. The gem of the mall is the roof garden at the right. Even if it is far from the west coast of Attica it offers a wonderful view of the Saronic gulf. If the weather isn’t too moisty the nearby Saronic islands and the traffic of ships can being seeing clearly. If you decide to have a coffee at the roof garden I strongly propose to select the time just before sunset. It is a a vey nice experience.

View the video I have shoot from the Athens Metro Mall’sroof garden.

The underground floor, the ground floor and the first floor are full of shops with clothes, a small super market, a bank, ATMs of every major bank of Greece, telecommunication shops etc.

The second floor is a special one. I called the low budget floor. It has the Village multiplex cinema theaters. Also it is full of self service coffee shops and fast food shops of every kind. At the left there is an open air balcony with the a view to the Hymettus mountain and Vouliagmenis avenue. It a very popular floor especially during the nowadays economic crisis.

The top floor is the roof garden. The roof garden has an open air balcony at the right that it can be viewed from the entrance of the mall. It is true that many of the visitors of the mall ignore its existence. It should be better promoted. Anyway the roof garden during the winter months is covered permanently. But during the summer after afternoon  the roof opens and becomes a very nice place. The roof garden gardens has coffee shops and restaurants that are not self service. It is a premium place of the mall but not expensive neither very cheap.

Sporadically at the underground floor musical or general cultural events take place. I took some photos from the cooking of the celebrity female chef Ntina Nikolaou who prepared some dishes with seafood.

A few words about the history of malls in Athens.

Malls until late 2005 where unknown to the city of Athens and its suburbs. People used to go to the downtown Athens where there are many many shops to watch and many coffee shops and restaurants to relax. Just before the Christmas of 2005 the Athens Mall opened. It is approachable by tourist because it near two railway lines. The Neratziotisa urban electric railway station (ΗΣΑΠ in greek) and the Urbain railway station (Proastiakos in greek) with the same name. A Trip from Omonoia station to Neratziotisia station takes about 20-30 minutes. It opened during the golden economic period of Greece four years before the nowadays crisis. It was an immediate success.  It offered a very secure shopping environment for the shop owners, the shoppers and especially the families. There wasn’t the big problem, of parking downtown neither the anxiety of road closures, due to demonstrations. Adding to that, visitors didn’t suffer by the unbearable heat during summer in the center of Athens or from rain or cold. The true is that there were many shopping centers inside and around Athens decades before, but they were not so successful. They were not protected by weather. They were not big with small shops and didn’t offered big car parkings for the customers. The Athens Mall is huge and it is a complex of shops, super markets, Cinemas, coffee-shops and restaurants.

The success of the first mall was followed by the construction of other similar but smaller and somehow specialized ones.

Soon afterwards was constructed close to Athens Mall, the Golden Hall mall. It is a mall with very luxury exclusive shops targeted to the well-off people of northern suburbs of Athens. It is the choice of the most celebrities because they can avoid the paparazzi and the annoying passing people of the streets. It isn’t very  easy approachable by tourists. The Golden Hall has put a bus from the the urban electric railway station Nerantziotisa in order to divert the Athen Malls visitors. I have to say that it is not very frequent and big enough. A ten to twenty minutes delay is needed from Nerantziotisa railway station to Golden Hall.

The effects of the new malls are very negative to the shops of the central Athens. The inhabitants of the prosperous northern suburbs of Athens avoid the center of Athens. The constant demonstrations and the visits of foreign politicians  paralyze any commercial activity downtown. The roads are blocked by the police and even the most central metro stations like Syntagma and Panepistimeio are closed for security reasons. You have to be informed by the greek radio and internet a few hours before you visit the center. As the economic crisis is worsening that situation is aggravating.

Just before of the global economic crisis of 2008 three new mid scale mall were constructed.

The Athens Heart mall is situated on a humble area of Athens on Peiraios street. The nearest metro station is Kerameikos which its quite far. It isn’t easily approachable for tourist and I don’t suggest it.

The River West mall was constructed on Aigaleo suburb. Aigaleo city is a less developed suburb of Athens. The nearest metro station of it, is the Aigaleo one. The mall has put a bus, but again I don’t suggest that mall for tourists. It serves shoppers from the west suburbs of Athens who avoid the far away Athens Mall and Golden Hall.

Finally just before the greek economic crisis the Athens metro mall was opened. It was saved by the bell.


Use the mouse or your finger to watch a 360 degrees view of the Athens Metro Mall ground floor.  View Panorama in larger size.

Use the mouse or your finger in order to view the roof garden of Athen Metro Mall.  View Panorama in larger size.

Use the mouse or your finger in order to view underground floor of the Athens Metro Mall during the frozen seafood event with Ntina Nikolaou.

View Panorama in larger size.

View the map in larger size. Position of the Athens Metro Mall.

Cooking event with frozen seafood.

Photo from the ground floor of Athens Metro Mall.
Coffee shop of the Athen Metro Mall roof garden. The roof is semi-transparent and foldable the summer months.

Photo from first floor of Athens Metro Mall.

Poster of the frozen seafood event inside the Athens Metro Hall with the T.V. chef Ntina Nikolaou.