Photos and video from the open roof of Athens Metro Mall.


Athens Metro Mall is the closest mall to the center of Athens. From Syntagma square metro station is just eight minutes to the Agios Dimitrios metro station where the mall is exactly above.

What is unique about this mall is that its roof opens the summer months. This is very nice and very healthy. Rain during the summer months in Athens is very rare and when it is occurring it lasts only a few hours. The roof is usually opened during the afternoon when the sun is low and isn’t annoying. However it may be partly opened the morning or the whole day.

The photos and video was shot just after the sunset. I really like this place and I suggest for tourists of Athens because it is easily accessible, very safe with excellent prices.

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Don’t miss the roof garden with a view to the Saronic gulf with its ship traffic and the saronic islands. It has a unique panoramic view which is rare a tourist to observe.


View of the open roof from the top floor.


The mall has many advertisements, something which spoils its good design and beauty.
The top floor is called roof garden since they have put some small plants. The plants are not enough to be called a roof garden and for the first time visitors the balcony of roof garden can’t be noticed from the entrance.


The moving escalators and some corridors are completely supported in the air. Lets hope that there won’t be any problem with the earthquake prone city of Athens in the near future.

In this pictures the many open floors of the mall can be seeing. The mall is built in a very densely populated area. So it couldn’t have a large surface and the solution of many floors was selected. Nevertheless it looks like an open place and is very relaxing to the eyes.
On the underground floor you can see a blue aquarium which hosts some small sharks!

Video of the open roof of the Athens Metro Mall.

View the map in larger size. Position of the Athens Metro Mall.