Athens Metro Mall panoramic Christmas Photos.


Panoramic photos from the Athens Metro Mall in Agios Dimitrios suburb of Athens.

Every year the Athens Metro Mall is decorated very early for the Christmas period. The last two years the decoration was ready from the first week of November.

In Athens before 2000 the Christmas period used to start after the first week of December and the feast day of saint Nicholas on 6th December. Gradually the Christmas is exploited commercially and from early November most shops are decorated for Christmas until the Epiphany day on 6th January. The municipality of Athens starts officially the Christmas celebrations after the second week of December. The opening hours of shops are changed one week before Christmas until the new years eve. The second day of January officially is a full working day for Greece but most workers asks for a free day. Also the commercial shops are closed this day because they were open the last Sunday before Christmas.

If you are a tourist and you plan to visit Athens after the second week of December try to avoid the Malls. The city is wonderfully lighted all the squares and streets are decorated and the high streets are full of shoppers. Athens is beautiful during the nights the Christmas period. The darkness of the night and the Christmas light hide many of its ugly corners. Visit the malls only during the day when Athens becomes a dull city.

See some photos from the Christmas decorated Athens I’ve inserted into this website.

View of the second floor from the roof garden.
The second floor of Athens metro mall. The photo is distorted a little but the result isn’t bad.
The central aerial corridor of the second floor.

The first floor of the Athens metro mall.

Just after the entrance of the Athens metro hall and the bears playing christmas tunes.
Outside the Athens metro mall. At the left is the elevator which leads to the Agios Dimitrios metro station.

At the right the huge fake Christmas tree which is put on the underground floor.
The santa claus with his reindeers.
The ground floor of Athens metro mall.