Athens florist shops below greek parliament.


The history and the photos of the remaining florist shops in Vasilisis Sofias avenue, just below the greek parliament.

This part of Athens a few decades ago was full of flower shops. Times are changing and for various reasons most of the shops are empty and the remaining ones die off.

All begun during the ‘20s. Before the construction of the monument of the unknown soldier below the greek parliament in 1932 there were many street florist vendors. Nothing serious of course, just some wooden stalls full of ordinary flowers. These stalls were situated at the other side of the road at the pavement of the nowadays ministry of foreign affairs. Flowers buyers were more numerous than today and the area was very popular. With the construction of the monument, eleven shops were built purposely as flower shops. The shops were vested by the public authorities only as florist shop. No other use was allowed.

Until the 80s the shops were very prosperous and well known by anybody. The high society of the Kolonaki district bought flowers from there. Anyone who wanted to leave flowers to the monument of the unknown soldier bought flower from there too. Nevertheless these florist shops couldn’t offer great variety of flowers due to their size. Also they are famous for their low prices and any attempt to raise the quality and the variety wasn’t embraced buy the old regular buyers. Inevitably bigger more elegant florist shops opened in the nearby prestigious Kolonaki district. That was the start of their decadence. After 2000 the first tenants of the florist shops left and nobody replaced them. The metro station of Syntagma square doesn’t have entrances or exits closed to the florist shops that was the coup de grace for their future. Adding to that the traffic lights around the parliament and the florist shops are notoriously anti-pedestrian. As a result the buyers are preferring more convenient and bigger flower shops.

After 2004 the greek parliament foundation decided to use the remaining empty unwanted florist shops. That was objected heavily by many members of the parliament and the press. Finally the remaining florist shops are enlisted and can’t be used for anything except flowers.

Old florist shops during ‘30s.

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The side of Vasilis sofias avenue (queen Sofia avenue in english) below greek parliament were the florist shops are.
The first of the two remaining florist shops.
The area of this shops is the safest in Greece. Tens of policeman are patrolling around day and night. Hundreds of security cameras are recording every move. No fear for flower stealing.
The shops are narrow with only one exit and entrance. A little claustrophobic I’d say.

Elegant cat is guarding the main entrance of the greek parliament from every kind of rat!


The other remaining florist shop.

Very beautiful flowers.


Use the mouse or your finger to watch a 360 degrees view of florist shop.  View Panorama in larger size.

Use the mouse or your finger to watch a 360 degrees view of florist shop.  View Panorama in larger size.

View the map in larger size. The position in Athens of the florist shops below greek parliament.