Old Athens Photos.


Athens used to be a picturesque city. Full of romantic streets elegant squares, exquisite coffee shops, wonderful parks, gardens and imposing buildings. Overpopulation and political corruption led to fast, easy and harmful practices. The period of destruction lasted for forty years (late 40s until early 80s). Here is a window to the old Athens from the late ottoman period to 70s.

Most visitors of Athens come for the archaeological sites, the museums and specific areas like plaka which are spoiled by massive tourism. The rest of Athens is so dull that a few bother to explore it. Here is chance to change your mind.

The photos are categorized by regions or streets. Obviously the photos are not my property and haven’t been taken by me. For the real origin of them I am not so sure. So I avoid to refer them. Adding to that I’m not very certain for the exact place they are taken and the chronology. Nevertheless I try to be as precise as possible without being expert. All the photos are from various, mostly greek websites. The majority of them include photos without regional or chronological order and lack historical details in english language. So I’m trying something which is missing from internet. Some photos are rare, some are very common. Inevitably I have fallen into the same photos many times. I was tempted to deleted the duplicates but I kept them for a reason. They may seem the same but they are in different quality and resolution. So forgive me If you see the some photo two, three times or even more times in this website. Most of the links in Athens old photos webpages are in greek. Unfortunately there are a few websites, pdf documents or book written in english about the history of the modern Athens. With the google bar in internet explorer or with chrome browser there is the possibility of a decent translation to english.

Street and Square names changes.

Throughout the life of modern Athens, its streets changed many times names. Each local leader wanted to leave a legacy by changing  a part or the whole length of street names. In most cases that was acceptable, however there are distinct cases where the public still has stuck in its mind the old name. It is a fact the many Athenias doesn’t know the official names of street at all. This is a very disturbing when tourist ask the locals for the direction of a street using its official name. I strongly avoid the use of the official names because they don’t carry any historical value and are unknown to most Athenias. Don’t worry the cases are few and I’ll show them to you.


_Common Name Panepistimiou street - Official Name  Eleftheriou Venizelou street.

_Common Name Patission street - Official Name Eikostis Ogdois Octomvriou (28th Octomvriou).

_Common Name Pireos street (Piraeus street)  - Official Name Panagi Tzaldari street from Omonoia square until Keramikos district, afterwards it has its common name until Piraeus city.


_Common Name Kotzia square - Official Name Ethnikis Antistasis square.

_Common Name Klafthmonos square - Official Name Ethnikis Simfiliosis square.

_Common Name Kolonakiou square (Kolonaki Square) - Official Name Filikis Eterias square.

_Common Name Kipselis square - Official Name Konstantinou Kanari square.

_Common Name Rigilis square - Official Name Pavlou Mela square.

_Common Name Vathis square - Official Name Ethnikis Aneksartisias square.

_Common Name Koumoundourou square - Official Name Eleftherias square.

Additionally after then end of the second world war to honor its leaders Stadiou street was renamed Roosevelt street and Akadimias street was renamed Churchill street. Both of this names hasn’t officially changed, however they are not used at all.

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