The Greek National Opera honored the memory of  Maria Callas with an athenian musical evening stroll in five acts.


1st Athens Walk  Photo albums

2nd Athens Walk  Photo albums


At Kotzia Square

Maria Callas at the left, her sister at the right and her mother down. They are at Pedion Areos park in Athens the spring of 1941 with the companion of british soldiers. Just before the germans invasion.

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Maria Callas performed Puccini's Tosca in 1942 during the german occupation in Athens.

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German review of 1942 about the Puccini's Tosca opera in Athens which was referring Maria Callas at the right column, known then as M. Calogeropoulou.

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German advertisement of 1942 about the Puccini's Tosca opera at Klathmonos square in Athens.

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Maria Callas Puccini's Tosca in 1942 . Upper photo. Maria Callas at  Eugen d'Albert’s Tiefland opera in Athens the April 1944 down left.

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German review of 1944 about the Eugen d'Albert’s Tiefland opera in Athens which was referring Maria Callas, known then as M. Calogeropoulou.

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The famous american born greek soprano was born in New York in 2nd December 1923 and died in 16th september 1977 at the age of 54. Her real name was Sophia Cecelia Kalogeropoulou . From an early age he learned music in Greece. Her debut in Opera was during the second world war and the german occupation in Greece. After the war she faced a very hostile environment due to her appearance and other bad rumors. So she visited USA in 1945. She didn’t succeed anything important there and next year she accepted an offer for an opera in Italy. There she met Giovanni Battista Meneghini. Soon he married him and he helped her a lot to become a prominent opera singer. In 1951 she sang for the first time at Teatro alla Scala in Milan. That was a great boost to her carrier and opened her many doors. That period she lost weight and created the look we all known. At her last decade her voice gradually lost its initial quality and she decided to perform rarely .   


The Greek National Opera, on the day of the 36th anniversary from the death of the soprano Maria Callas gave five concerts on the street where she lived and walked.

Images of Maria Callas when he lived and was strolling at the athenian streets :

At Ermou street part 1

At Ermou street part 2

At  Odeon of Herodes Atticus

At Acropolis museum