10th IAAF World Cup in Athletics 2006 Athens Olympic Stadium.


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Two years after the olympic games of Athens, the last World Cup in Athletics was hosted in Athens.

In World Cup athletes don’t compete individually but as a team for their country. After that cup athletes are competing for their continent at IAAF Continental Cup.  Athletics in Greece traditionally are  not as popular as football or basketball. Nevertheless the crowd filled the lower tiers of the olympic stadium. It was only two years after the olympics and many wanted to live somehow the some moments.  The cup took two days. There weren’t many big names. I recognized only Tyson Gay from USA and Yelena Isinbayeva from Russia. As usual USA and Russia won the most medals. The participation of Greece as a host country was big but the results were embarrassingly low. The most know greeks who participated were Devetzi and Chalkia before being caught for doping .

During the period of Patoulidou , Xanthou, Bacogianni , Kenteris, Koukodimos, Chalkia, Thanou, Tsoumeleca, Devetzi  there was massive interest for the Athletics by greeks. After the doping scandals of Kenteri, Thanou, Chalkia, Tsoumeleka, the greek athletics have became synonym to doping and greeks have became indifferent.