2013 Athens Easter Good Friday  Epitaphios.


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The night of the good Friday in Greece, Epitaphios procession takes place. Epitaphios is generally called the procession of the Christ’s  epitaph from the Church, out to the streets and back to the church.

The morning of the good Friday is the service of the Deposition of Christ. A embroidered cloth which depicts the Christ is removed from the cross. That cloth is called Epitaphios. Firstly is placed on the Holy Table. During the end of the service is moved from the Holy Table and placed on an elaborately carved wooden construction which symbolizes the Christ’s Tomb.

The wooden construction is like a table and is situated in the middle of the church. That wooden construction is called “ kouvouklion “ in greek . Nowadays both the “ kouvouklion “ and the embroidered cloth are perceived by most people as the Epitaphios.  However only the embroidered cloth is the Epitaphios. Epitaphios and the “ kouvouklion “ are meticulously, decorated with flowers.

During and after the morning service of Good Friday the bells of all orthodox churched are sadly tolled. The faithfuls visit the Epitaphios and bow, kiss it, prostrate or crawl under the  “ Kouvouklion “ until Matins, the evening liturgy.

During the Matins  Lamentations the “ Kouvouklion “ with the Epitaphios is carried in procession out of the church to the streets. The faithful follow the procession holding lit candles. In big cities like Athens Epitaphios is escorted by marching bands playing funeral marches , dignities and military detachments with their arms in the mourning position . At the end of the procession  the Epitaphios returns to the church and remains to the sanctuary. The bells stops tolling .

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