Athens Acropolis museum concert below full moon 22 August 2013.


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The night of 21th August 2013 there was full moon above Greece.

More than one hundred archeological sites, monuments and museums were open to the public in order to enjoy them under the majestic moonlight.

In Attica the archeological sites of Acropolis and Temple of Poseidon in Sounion were semi-open after 20:00 .

The National Archaeological museum of Athens and the Acropolis museum were open until late the night for the public without charge.

In Mouseion Hill ( Philopappos Hill ) the municipal philharmonic orchestra of Athens gave a concert .

In the courtyard of the numismatic museum of Athens the famous song writer Lina Nikolakopoulou and the the singer Argriro Kaparou collaborated in a great concert.

Personally I visited  the annual August’s full-moon concert outside the Acropolis Museum.  The military music band of Athens gave a concert below the Acropolis rock, the moonlight and the light of Acropolis museum. They didn’t play of course military marches but cheerful modern and a classic songs. The crowd filled every part of the museum entrance. The concert was enjoyed by thousands of spectators local and tourists. Most of them, were surprised by the event. Some spectator’s quarrels were inevitable as it usual with greeks. The Dionisiou Areopagitou street, where the museum is situated, was full of walkers from the Acropolis metro to the Thiseio area.

I video recorded nearly half an hour of the concert and took some photographs. Enjoy them.

If you plan to visit in August Athens, it worth selecting the full moon day. Then the Athens is much more interesting and joyful than the rest ordinary summer days.


Observe the full moon upwards left at the beginning of the video and the lighted Acropolis a little later. For better quality of sound and video select HD .

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