Active Member Technopolis Gazi 4th Semptember 2003 Athens.


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Active Member is a hip hop group founded in 1992 by Michalis Mitakidis  and Nikitas Klint, Dimitris Kritikos . It is based in Perama, a less developed suburb of Piraeus with deep social and economic problems.

Its first major album was released in 1995 “To Megalo Kolpo” (The Big Trick in english ). The group helped a lot to make hip hop recognizable to greeks. Its lyrics are social and political. It has released at least 15 albums.  In 2003 only Foxmoor remained form the group’s creators and he  reconstructed it in its current form. The last album is “Arsenali“ 2012.

Today the band’s lead singers is Michalis Mitakidis ( Foxmoor ) and Yolanda Tsiampokalou ( Sadahzinia ). Foxmoor was born in 1967 and helped to the creation of the Low Bap , sub genre of the greek hip hop. Sadahzinia was born in 1977 and is one of the first women to enter the greek hip hop.

The concert’s title was “ Tragouda na figi to skotadi “ ( Sing for the darkness to despair in english )The concert had many guests and some of the most well known was Eleni Vitali with her son and Yannis Kotsiras at the concert’s end. The concert lasted more than three hours. The loyal fans were more than satisfied and Foxmoor for one more time gave a great performance.