Greece has a bigger tradition in  wine than Beer. However the consumption of beer is bigger than wine in Greece. During the hot summer months beer is by far the most popper drink. Beer consumption is more ancient than wine. In ancient Greece beer was considered an inferior drink .

The early decades of the 20th century beer was heavily industrialized. The most important factory was FIX . During the rule of the bavarian king Otto beer was unknown in Greece. Soon after the greek war for independence, the german Johann Karl Fuchs in 1864 provide the greek royal court  with beer. The Fix beer brand monopolized the market and prevented any individual attempt for nearly a century until its bankruptcy in 1982. Fix didn’t offer variety of beer styles. So until today for the most of greeks, only one beer style exists. The “Lager” one. Beer is the cheapest kind of alcohol drink and can be bought really everywhere, anytime.

In the early 60’s the dutch multinational beer company Heineken invaded the greek market and introduced the Amstel beer. A little later the german Henninger Brau followed. That was the begging of the end for the greek FIX brand. The xenomania of greeks led to the domination of  Heineken and Henninger during the 80’s. The 90’s Boutaris prominent greek winemaker bought the Henniger company in Greece and created the Mythos beer. Mythos succeeded to become very popular in Greece and abroad. It was later bought the Carlsberg . The late 90’s the first greek microbreweries appeared. The most important was the Kraft who bankrupted during the greek economic crisis. Many other small greek microbreweries still resist for their survival. Expensive beers are not appreciated, as the should by the greek beer lovers. In Greece the average annual beer consumption per person is 45 litters. The european average is 80 liters.

At the Athens Beer Festival many beer restaurants, offer rare styles of beer and hundreds brands of beers at their kiosks. Some of them are importers or micro-brewers.  The festival is not supported directly by the huge beer companies like Athinaiki Zithopiia (Heineken, Amstel, Fischer, Buckler, Chimay, Mc Farland) , Mythos Carlsberg brewery (Mythos, Kaiser), Zithopiia Makedonias Thrakis (Vergina, Edelsteiner, Stadelbrau). Every year with the entrance ticket a glass of every kind of non bottled beer is offered for free. Alongside the beers,  sausages, souvlaki, many kinds of grilled meats, sauerkraut and other types of food are available. Every night many well-known singers and music groups contribute to the festival’s happy atmosphere. 


Athens Beer Festival 2013, Polichroniadis, Jordaneli, Robert Williams.

Κυρίες και κύριοι - 1974

Όνειρα - 1976   

What a Wonderful World 1967

Video of all the beer restaurant’s kiosks at the Athens Beer Festival 2013.