Fοivos Delivorias Technopolis Gazi 29th August 2013.


1st Athens Walk  Photo albums

2nd Athens Walk  Photo albums


Foivos Delivorias was born in 1973 in Kallithea, a northern  suburb of Athens and he lives in Pagratti. At an early age he received classic guitar lessons by the prominent musician Orpheas Peridis.

In 1989 he was a school boy and he dared to approach the great Manos Chatzidakis who contributed to the release of his first album “ Parelasi “ ( Parade in english ). His second album was released much later in 1995 “ I Zoi einai etsi oraia “ ( Life is good like that in english ). The same period he had a significant collaboration with Dionisis Savopoulos and the actor Thanasis Vegos. His next album was “ Chalia “ ( awful in english) 1998 . “ Kathreptis “ 2003 ( mirror in english). He worked for many years at Zygos music scene in Plaka at the historical center of Athens.

Afterwards, his concert’s appearances and his recordings are quite rare. He has many loyal fans who support him in every concert he gives.