Imam Baildi "Akrogiales Dilina" Garden of Megaro Mousikis “Ιμαμ Μαϊλντί” 6th September 2013.


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Orestis and Lisandros created the Imam Baildi music group.

Their first self tiled album was released in 2007 by the prominent EMI Greece. Lysandros plays drums and  percussion and Orestis is DJ and plays guitar . Orestis studied political sciences and Lysandros electronics end engineer.

The group’s music is based on rebitka and archontorebetika old songs. They have added elements of rap, drum & bass , hip hop  and jazz music. Their music is a recipe of many kinds of music which doesn;t ends to achtarma but Imam Baildi. The have remixed many songs from Manolis Chiotis, Vasilis Tsitsanis and others.

The have performed in many countries ( some of them are Turkey, Algeria, Germany and  France) They have collaborated with Dimitra Galani, Giorgos Mazonakis, Eleni Tsaligopoulou and many many other important greek musicians.

Their group’s  name derives from a turkish food , very popular to the greeks of the minor Asia who also created the rebetika songs .

Their second album was named Cookbook and released in 2010. Lately the group have expanded with the addition of new members.


Πήρα απ΄ το χέρι σου νερό - 1968    " Pira apo to cheri sou nero "

Ξημέρωσε καλή μου      "Ksimero se kali mou"  Το `πες και το `κανες - 1962  "To pes kai to Μάγκισσα      " Magisha "

Τα χάρτινα - 1997 ( Ta chartina ) Ακρογιαλιές δειλινά - 1948 ( Akrogiales Dilina)  Πάλι μεθυσμένος είσαι   ( Pali methismenos eisai )