2013 Gazi Technopolis Kitrina Podilata and Friends.


1st Athens Walk  Photo albums

2nd Athens Walk  Photo albums


Kitrina podilata ( Yellow bicycles in english) is two persons rock band created by the brothers Giorgos and Alexandros Pantelias. The first music album created in 2000 . The have many collaborations in concerts and in music albums with prominent greek musicians like Glykeria, Maheritsa,  Tsakni, Starova and others.

Giorgos Pantelias born in 1976 has studied music and mathematics.

Alexandros Pantelias born in 1982 has studied music and computer systems.

Their most succesfull disk is the “ Anadisi “ ( emertion in english) and the song ”  Tha paro fora “ ( I’ll run up in english)