2013 Megaro Mousikis Garden 6th July Lavrentis Macheritsas.


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Lavrentis Macheritsas was born in Volos in 1956. He started learning music from an early age. He drop out high school and started doing various jobs.  His first group was P.L.J. Band and in 1978 his first record was named GASPAR an was in english lyrics. In 1983 the group is renamed “ Termites “ ( termite ant in english ) and created a music record with the same name. The last record of Termites was “ Perimenontas tin vrochi “ ( waiting the rain in greek ) in 1988. In 1989 Macheritsas leaves the group and join the prominent Minos E.M.I. music recording company. His solo carrier is very successful. His first personal record is “ O M’agapas kai o S’agapo “ ( I love you and you love me in greek)  in 1989. In 1994 started his colaboration with Dionisi Tsakni in the record “ I nichta the to pei “ ( the night will tell it in english).  He is considered one of the greatest greek rock singer.