Locomondo is a greek Reggae band. Its name mean a crazy world . It was created the summer of 2001. Their first CD was released in 2004 . Since then they have created six album. Some of their song use tradition greek music rhythms and lyrics.

At the begging the band had two members Marko Koymari and Gianni Varbnava . They were meet in army during their military duty and became friends. Today the band has seven members.

They have composed music for television and cinema.

Their discography is this

2004 Enas Trelos Kosmos (A crazy world)

2005 12 Meres Jamaica (12 days in Jamaica)

2007 Me wanna dance

2008 Gamilio Party (OST) (The wedding party)

2009 Locomondo Live

2010 Goal (digital single)

2011 Locomondo Best Of