Maraveyas Benaki Museum Summer Festival 2013.


1st Athens Walk  Photo albums

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Kostis Marveyas was born in Agrinio in 1974 and he descends from Kefalonia Island. He lived eight years in Italy and  studied Statistics & Mathematics at the University of Bari in Italy. At the same time he studied music in Conservatory Niccoló Piccini of Bari and in Accademia Musicale Chigiana of Siena.

His first solo album was the “ Radiopeiratis “ ( Illegal amateur radio operator in english) in 2003  from ” FM records “ music recording company. His first major album which made him know to the general public was “ Maraveyas Ilegal “ in 2007 from Cantini records. Afterwards he moved to the prominent Minos EMI music recording company. In 2009 he created the successful  “Welcome To Greece” music album .

His last album “ Lola “ made him immensely popular to young greek women who fill all his concerts. During 2011 - 2012 he joined  the music documentary “ Mesogeios “ ( Mediterranean in english)  of greek national television broadcaster “ ERT “ .  Mosogeios documentary helped him to met  many great musicians like  Vinicio Capossela, Ludovico Einaudi, Riccardo Tesi, Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio, Mariza, Teresa Salgueiro, Cristina Branco, Deolinda, Cristina Hoyos, Amparo Sanchez, Macaco, Massilia Sound System, Psarantonis, Mercan Dede, Baba Zula, Yasmin Levy and others.