Nikos Portokaloglou and Philippos Pliatsikas at Technopolis Gazi 7th September 2013.


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Nikos Portokaloglou.

He was born in 1957 in Volos and raised in Athens. He learned guitar at an early age 

In 1980 with Odyseas Tsakalos, Michalis Moustakis and Dimitris Kalantzis  he created the rock music group “Fatme”. It was a very successful group during the 80’s . Their first self tiled album was released in 1982 by the prominent EMI Greece. Some of their greatest hits was “Vgenoume apo to tounel” (We are coming out of the tunnel in english) and “Protathlites” (Champions in english). They released six albums until 1989.

In 1989 Nikos Portokaloglou preferred a solo carrier.

His first solo album was “Fones” (Voices in english). He has released 19 solo albums. He also created songs for many succesfull films like “Akropol” 1995 , “Valkanizater” 1997 and “Brazilero” 2001. These helped a lot his popularity. One of his latest great hit was “Thalasa mou skotini” (My dark sea in english)

Fillipos Pliatsikas

He was the lead singer of the famous greek rock group Pyx Lax. He was born in 1967 in Athens. In 1989 was a founding member of Pyx Lax group. The group was one of the most successful commercially and artistically  greek rock groups of all time. The first major album of his carrier was  “O Ilios tou Heimona me Melanholei” (The Winter Sun Makes Me Melancholic in english) in 1993.

In 2004 he was the most popular member of the group and  he decided to follow a solo carrier. With his solo carrier he didn’t achieved bigger popularity but he is still a prominent rock singer and composer with many successful solo albums.  His has very succesfull collaborations with Dimitris Mitropanos, Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Haris and Panos Katsimihas, Dionisis Tsaknis and many others.


Πού να πάμε  ( Pou na pame ), Ψέματα - 1982  (Psemata) , Πόλη χιόνι - 2007 ( Poli Chioni ) Πούλα με - 1991 ( Poula me )

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Ταξίδι - 1988  (Taksidi)

Τα καράβια μου καίω - 1993 (Ta karavia mou kaio )

Μέλυδρον - 1999 ( Melidron )

Τι λείπει - 2001   (Ti Lipi) 2001 , Μοναξιά μου όλα - 1998 ( Monaksia mou ola ) , Κλείνω κι έρχομαι - 1991 (Klino kai erchomai)