Miltos Paschalidis at Athens Technopolis Gazi 28th August 2013.


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Miltos Paschalidis was born in Kalamata in 31 July 1969 and raised in Athens. He  learned guitar from an early age at the national odeon. In 1986 he entered the mathematical faculty of the Heraklion’s univercity Crete. He took his degree in 1992 and the next year he started  his master in Philosophy in the nearby  Rethymno University of Crete. He finished his studies in 1995.

During his studies in Crete became a member of the “ Chainides “ cretan music group. He first record is  the “ Chainides “ in 1991. In 1995 he recorded his first personal LP “ Paramithi me lipimeno telos” ( fairy tale with sad ending”) produced by Manos Xidous. He has collaborated with the “ Pix lax “ group, Gianni Marcopoulo, Lavrenti Macherits, Vageli Germano, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Dimitra Galani,  Dimitri Mitropano, Vasili Papakonstantinou , Margarita Zorbala, Christo Thivaio and other artists. In 1998 he recorded his second personal CD “ Kakes sinithies “ ( Bad habits in english ) After many more personal records in 2009 he had a great collaboration with Thano Mikroutsiko with whom he performed in many concerts in Greece and Cyprus. His last seventh personal record was recorded in 2011 and is called “ Xenios i Kriti entos mou “ ( The Crete inside me  in english )

In the Technopolis concert cretan lyre was played by Zacharis Spiridakis, Keyboards , accordion by Mirela Pachou, electric quitar by Dimitris Moutafis, bass guitar by Ilias Doumanis and clarinet by Thimios Papadopoulos.

Miltos Paschalidis during his concerts he enjoys smoking and drinking heavily. He always perform with casual simply clothes and most times is a little slouchy.

During his concert in Technopolis he announced that the winter he will collaborate with Christos Thivaios at the “ Stavros tou Notou” music scene.


Miltos Paschalidis with Christos Thivaios. The following winter of 2013 they will sing together in Stavro tou Notou.

Miltos Paschalidis presents Mirela Pachou and Spiro Grammeno.