Athens Shopping

The middle budget shopping area.


The main road of this area is Ermou street. Ermou street since 1835 the main has been the main road of modern Greece capital city. It stretches from Syntagma square to Pireos street. It is from its beginning a shopping street. It takes its name form Hermes, the greek God of commerce. Since mid 19th century laws regulate the construction of new buildings for commercial use. Many multinational brands have their exclusive shops here. Since 1996 under the archaeological unification program and Athens mayor Avramopoulos initiative Ermou street was finally pedestrianized. This offered an economic boom in the area. Shopping rents were sky rocketed and many historical shops was transferred to less popular streets or closed for good. After December 2008 riots and the greek economic crisis many shops closed. Nevertheless the street is a magnet for shopper during saturdays and holiday periods. So nearly all of the closed shops, after months were rented again. Ermou street is full of people even during the shop closing hours. A plethora of street artists and illegal street vendors appear from nowhere a few minutes after the end of shops working hours. This street is never lonely even the early morning hours. Despite being so trendy you won’t find any coffee shop or restaurant  until you reach Aiolou street. After Aiolou street , Ermou street is not pedestrianized and  gradually until Thiseio loses its glamour. Some efforts tried to extent its appeal unsuccessfully.

After Thiseio is another story. There Ermou street is pedestrianized. No shops, no coffee shops no commercialisation. A great part of Athens to walk, great view, peaceful place. The reason for this is the underestimated Kermaikos archeological area.

Parallel to Ermou street is Athinaidos street which has many shops with semiprecious stones and Mitropoleos street which has many shops with furs.

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