Athens under clouds.


Athens Hadrian's Library under clouds.
The entrance of Hadrian’s library at Monastiraki district of Athens. The library was destroyed by the Heruli germanic tribe in 267 AD.

Βιβλιοθήκη Αδριανού
During the Ottoman’s rule the area of the Hadrian’s library was the headquarters of the Voevoda who had the administriation of the Athens.

Βοεβοδιλίκη Αθηνών.
After the official liberation of Athens from Ottomans and the arrival of bavarian troups, the Hadrian’s library became a military camp.
Athens Roman forum under the clouds.
The Roman forum is the most beautifull archaelogical place in Athens after Acropolis and Olympieion.
Βιβλιοθήκη Αδριανου απόγευμα.
The excavation of the Hadrian’s library took place during 1930’s.


Hadrian's library in Athens during a cloudy afternoon.
The north walls of the Hadrian’s library.
























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